La Strada  Restaurant



Cesto di pane   Basket of artisan bread £2.50
Pane & olive   Homemade bread and marinated olives £4.20
Pane al aglio (v)   Garlic pizza bread flavoured with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil £3.95
Pane al aglio e formagio (v)   Garlic bread with mozzarella cheese £4.95
Antipasti Misto Salumie e formaggi   Selection of  italian cured meat and cheeses, olives and pickles, served with homemade bread 2x £9.95, 4 £15.95
Sharing Fritto Misto (to share up to 4)   

Shell off king prawns, white bait, deep fried dusted semolina flour served with garlic mayo dip 2x £10.95 4x £16.95


 Bruschetta calabrese                Roasted peppers,goats cheese and spicy n’duja on Bruschetta bread £6.95
Bruschetta al pomodoro (v)   Toasted ciabatta bread topped with marinated tomatos £5.95
Bruschetta ai funghi (v)   Toasted ciabatta bread topped with garlic mushrooms £6.50
Insalata Caprese (v)   Fresh tomatos, buffalo mozarella, basil and extrea virgin olive oil £6.95
Calamari Fritti   Deep fried calamari served with garlic mayo, lemon £6.95
Gamberoni Piccanti   King Prawns with garlic, chilli, lemon,  parsley, spring onion served with cibatta bread £8.95
Polpette al Sugo   Italian beef meetballs in La Strada’s rich tomato sauce £9.95
Cozze Alla Marinara   Fresh mussels, chilli, garlic pan fried in white wine creamy sauce £8.95 
Pawn Coctail   

Prawns served on a bed of mixed salad with marie rose sauce £6.25  SOUP OF THE DAY  £6.95                                                                 


Spaghetti all aglio (v)   Spaghetti served with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and fresh chilli £10.55
Penne Primavera (v)   penne pasta with peas ,courgettes ,peppers and cherry tomato finished with white wine £10.55
Tagliatelle Bolognese   Classic italian beef, slowly cooked in a rich tomato sauce £11.95
Spaghetti Carbonara   Spaghetti with crispy bacon, cream, black pepper, egg yolk and parmesan £12.55
Tagliatelle Alfredo   Chicken, mushrooms and oinions served in a creamy parmesan sauce £12.95
Linguine Gamberoni   Linguine served with king prawns, cherry tomato sauce and chilli £13.55
Spaghetti con Polpette    Spaghetti with homemade meat balls,garlic,in a pomodoro and red wine sauce  £12.55
Tagliatelle al Salmone   Fresh salmon, garlic, basil, cherry tomatos served in a light tomato and creamy sauce £13.95
Linguine La Strada   Mussels, king prawns and calamari in a white wine sauce £14.95
Salsicce al Forno  
Penne pasta tossed with italian spicy sausage,capers,caramelised onion,peppers,tomato sauce ,creme freche and mozarella cheese £ 12.25
Penne al forno   Penne with chicken, mushrooms, pepper and cream with a hint of tomato and mozzarella £12.25
Cannelloni (v)   Homemade cannelloni filled with riccota and spinach topped with tomate sauce and mozzarella £10.95

Layers of paste with bolognese and bechamel sauce topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella £11.95


Funghi Selvatici (v)   Risotto rice cooked with wild mushrooms in a white wine creamy sauce, drizzled with truffle oil £12.95
Risotto al pollo   Risotto rice with chicken, mushrooms, carrots and mascarpone cheese £13.95
Risotto Primavera   Risotto rice served in saffron with vegetables of the day finished with a white wine sauce £12.50
Risotto La Strada  

Risotto rice cooked with saffron, mussels, king prawns, salmon, fresh chilli, garlic served in white wine sauce £15.50


Margherita (v)   Tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil and drizzle of olive oil £9.95
Pepperoni   Tomato, pepperoni and mozzarella £10.50
Hawaii   Tomato, Mozzarella, ham and pineapple £10.95
Bufalota (v)   Tomato, Bufalo mozzarella cheese finished with basil and extra virgin olive oil £11.50
Pollo   Tomato,mozzarella,chicken sweetcorn and mashrooms £11.95
Vegetariana   Mediterranian vegetables, mozzarella and tomato sauce£12.50
Vesuvio   Tomato sauce, garlic, fresh chilli, salami and mozzarella11.95
Rustico   Parmaham, cherry tomatos, rocket, parmezan, mozzarella and tomato sauce£ 12.50
4 Formaggi   Buffalo, gorgonzola, parmezan and mozzarella£12.95
Piccante   Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, chilli, tomato sauce and mozzarella £12.50
Marinara   Tomato sauce, mozzarella, sea food and fresh chilli £13.95
La Strada Special   Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, spicy sausage and fresh chilli £ 13.50
Italian Calzone     

Floded pizza filled with spinach ,ricotta cheese and mozarella served with a fresh salad


Chesse and ham Omlette Italian Omlette 
  Roast peppers,mixed leaves,goat cheese and Balsamic reduction £ 10.95
Chicken ,Parmesan,croutons,mixed leaves and Balsamic   £12.95
 Mozzarella cheese, ham served with handcut chips and fresh salad £9.95tomato ,onions,mashrooms,peppers served with handcut chips and salad £10.95 
Pollo Cacciatora   Chicken breast cooked in a tomato sauce, olives and onions served with salted potatos and vegetables£ 14.50
Pollo Dolcelatte   Grilled chicken breast topped with dolcelatte and fresh spinach served with handcut chips£ 14.95
Pollo La Strada   Chicken breast in marsala sauce with mushrooms, onion and cream served with salted potatos and vegetables £14.95
Bistecca di manzo   Grilled sirlon steak served with wild mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatos, handcut chips, sauce on your choice (peppercorn, dolcelatte, diane)£ 19.95
Tbone steak   16 oz Tbone served with mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatos, hancut chips, sauce on your choice £23.95
Medaglioni di maialeBello of Pork   

pork medalions cooked in a cream, taragon, demiglase sauce, mushrooms, onions and served with salted potatos and vegetables £17.95
Slow cooked belly of pork  served with potatoes and greens ,gravy,apple and black pudding £18.95       


Filetto di spigolaSalmone alla crema    Fillet of seabass, thyme, lemon, garlic, white wine sauce served with hand cut chips and fresh salad £18.95fillet of salmon with brendy cream and a hint of tomato ,served with vegetables and potatoes £18.95
Salmone Zaffarano   Fillet of salmon grilled served with saffron risotto and asparagus£ 19.95
Griliata di Pesce  

Grilled salmon, grilled seabass, king prawns, mussles served with saffron potatos, white wine and saffron sauce £21.95


Potate fritte   Handcut chips £3.95
Potate sauteed   Salted new potatos £3.95
Verdure del giorno   Vegetables of the day £4.20
Insalata misto   Mixed salad £4.20
Rugola and Parmigiano   Rocket and parmesan £3.95
Creamy Spinach   Fresh spinach with cream £ 4.25

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